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Property information is published in English and Chinese, while inquiries, visiting properties and contract procedures will be done in Japanese only.


  • 2020/04/09

    Our company will switch to telecommuting following a declaration of emergency caused by a new coronavirus infection. Therefore, we may be late in contacting you. Thank you for your understanding. My telecommuting will end on May 6.

Ohkuraya jutaku will offer professional advice and latest information on buying and selling an apartment(condo) in Saitama-shi, Kawaguchi-shi, Toda-shi and Warabi-shi in Saitama.

Ohkuraya jutaku, a real estate brokerage specializing in purchase and sale of existing apartments(condos), gives you full support of property trading and brokerage services.

To support foreigners who are planning to buy an apartment(condo) in Japan, our experienced local brokers will provide you the latest information of properties, including neighborhood information, to help you find your dream house. Besides, if you are considering to sell your apartment, we will propose an appropriate selling price and schedule for you based on market conditions and regional information, and full support will be given until agreement on sale is completed.

If you are planning to lease or remodel your owned apartments(condos), we can assist you in leasing and offer construction and renovation of detached houses and apartment buildings by our group companies. If you are planning to buy or sell an apartment(condo), detached house or land in Saitama-shi, Kawaguchi-shi, Toda-shi and Warabi-shi in Saitama, please feel free to contact the Nishikawaguchi Branch of Ohkuraya jutaku.